It is my mission to support my clients in all areas of professional decision- making processes, as well as in stress situations.
In my coaching approach, I consciously place personality development and business coaching within a holistic systemic framework. I see the individual in a perpetual interaction with the conditions and changes of the respective context. This context can be the organisational constitution of the company in which a client works, but it may also be the family situation, the personal history, the organisation of non-professional interests, etc..

Coaching is interaction as well as
relationship design.

The basis for successful work is trust. It is always about behavioural change – and thus about tracking down personal patterns and ways to interrupt them. From my systemic point of view, the expertise for finding solutions always remains with the coachee. It is my task to open up a space for my clients, which will enable them to find their own solutions through the methodical design of cooperation.

I enjoy working with images, metaphors and stories. I apply methods of sociometry and I like to work with personality traits and the creative analysis of inner beliefs. A good sense of humor (when appropriate) can be helpful when dealing with delicate issues. Having been trained as an actress, I bring along various playful and scenic approaches such as role plays. These help to train behavior in rehearsal and strengthen personal performance.

My coaching approach is based on partnership and a respectful relationship with my counterpart. I work process-oriented and without methodical templates and standardized interventions, as every client is unique.

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