It is very important to me to bring people into contact with their resources and options. I use my systemic and group-dynamic training background to create an environment for my clients in which they learn through experience rather than through the accumulation of knowledge and I enjoy accompanying and supporting these learning processes. In order to facilitate learning, I strive to create a learning environment, tailored to each individual person, in which new things can be experienced in respectful cooperation, with curiosity and with openness – and where one can also fail with relish.

I am particularly interested in the effects of ever faster and increasingly virtual communication which – in my perception – can only be overcome with a solid foundation in personal resources.

Based on this assumption, I focus on the following questions in my coaching and training processes:

Which inner attitude and which communication behaviour is required to move successfully in an increasingly flexible, agile and self-organised working environment, in which hierarchies are becoming more and more obsolete? What are the consequences for the individual, the individual in a team, and for teams? What does it take to have difficult conversations and how can one deal with the tensions and conflicts inherent in those conversations? And most of all: How can one remain true to oneself in this context and at the same time be personal and relatable?

In addition to my consulting qualifications, my many years of experience as an actress and my work in theatre productions are a second, no less important source of knowledge and skills: In theatre productions I have learned a natural and spontaneous creative way of dealing with the unforeseen. Theatre rehearsals have taught me how helpful an incremental approach can be. And as an actress I developed a keen eye for the successful interplay of spoken language and body language in communication and learned a professional in-depth understanding of the difference between person and role.

I incorporate all these “secrets of the trade” in personal coaching processes and in team trainings – there is no better access to personal performance and self-efficacy.

Formats are:

  • Team trainings and team development
  • Conflict and communication trainings
  • Trainings on feedback and personal performance
  • Trainings on change management and leadership

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